Thursday, November 5, 2009

What I Did On My Fall Break: By Morgan

Each student got a chance to tell the class what they did over Fall Break. Did Morgan pick swimming in the ocean? Watching the Mayan's dance? Perhaps snorkling? Or feeding the fish off the pier? The winning answer:

"I went to Minnesota and drank Sprite"

Looks like we could have saved ourselves hundreds of dollars and ten hours of flying. Are you kidding me???!!


jamielblev said...

Again, I know the feeling. When we got back from our trip Shelby's teacher asked her about her special trip, and not once did Shelby tell her she went and saw Miley Cyrus, the ENTIRE reason for the trip!!!! And the tshirt she just had to have, she hasn't worn once. (insert eyeroll)

Heather said...

That's hysterical! LOL.