Tuesday, January 5, 2010

December In Review

Yes, I'm still alive. The holiday seasons got super crazy and super busy, but I'm back now. Let's see if I can sum up the last month...

I co-hosted a holiday party at our community clubhouse for 40 kids. We had cookie decorating, ornament making, and games such as pin-the-nose on Rudolph, snowball toss and musical presents. We also had a very special guest. I happen to work with Santa and he agreed to come and give us a visit. He's an EXCELLENT Santa. Even my daughter who runs and ducks at the mere sight of most characters was more then happy to visit with him.

Christmas was filled with way too many presents even though I could have sworn we toned it down this year.

And no, that is not eye shadow in that box. All of the containers are either lip gloss or nail polish.

Bendaroos were high on her list, but once we played with them, they were terrible. They do NOT hold their shape and they do NOT stick together. Even when art projects don't work out right, Morgan usually still loves them. Not so much with these. After one time, she was ready to get rid of them. I do not recommend Bendaroos at all!

When I was little, my grandfather handmade a work bench. Morgan uses that work bench to "fix" her toys but she has never had a real project to work on. Thanks to Staci at Mamma's Gone Over the Wall I found the Project of the Month Club and Mark placed an order for the woodworking projects. Now every other month, her and Mark will have a fun project to bond over.

Morgan's absolute favorite gift from us is her microphone. In hindsight, we should have never bought a chatty-kathy something that enables her to increase her volume while following you around the house room-to-room, narrating your every move.

After gift opening at our house, we headed on over to Mark's Dad's house. Morgan was ecstatic to get her #1 present wish - the Dot's Ice Cream Maker. She wanted this so badly, that she put it on three wish lists with the hope that she would have one to play with at home, one to keep at Grandpa's and one to keep at Grandma's.

On Saturday, we took a break from all the holiday celebrations to play at the Wildlife Experience. They were having a special exhibit on the life cycle of butterflies, starting at cocoons...

...escaping from really scary looking spiders...

... to getting your wings and flying away.

Sunday we celebrated at Mark's Mom's house.

If that wasn't enough, during her winter break she also:
• Went to Gymnastic Camp where she did tons of gymnastics as well as bowled, skated and saw Cloudly with a Chance of Meatballs
• Saw The Princess and the Frog
• Had a playdate with her bestest friends Taralyn and Ellie at Taralyn's house
• Went downhill skiing with Mark at Echo Mountain
• Went tubing with us and the neighbors at Fraser
• Stayed up to 1 am on New Years at a neighborhood party
• And visited with the Chihuahua, her favorite breed of dog, at our local shelter (around 20 were shipped in from California)

And that is why I have not had time to be on here!



Staci said...

Wow! It definitely sounds like you were busy!

Christmas looks like it was wonderful though and she looks so excited! I hope January calms down a little for you though.

jamielblev said...

Hmm, wonder what's up with the bendaroos. Ours stick and hold great. Maybe it's b/c you live in the artic cold. ;-)

LOVE the project of the month idea. You'll have to post what each project is that you do so I can just copy and get my stuff at hobby lobby....with a coupon. LOL