Monday, September 29, 2008

Visiting with the 'Rents

My parents got in town on Thursday evening and we have been very busy catching up and seeing the sites.

Morgan had a dentist appointment on Friday. It was touch and go at first, but then she did great, even letting the dentist take x-rays.

Saturday we had perfect weather to go hiking in Castlewood Canyon. Morgan enjoyed climbing over the rocks and splashing in the creek until she splashed down right on her butt. She was soaking wet and we were only half way into the hike. I thought it was going to be a long way back, with lots of whining. We took off her top and she wore my sweatshirt like a dress. Not once did she complain about being cold or wet.

I took off work Monday and we went to the Botanical Gardens. Their "Secret Children's Path" was a big hit with everyone. They had lots of neat things to see and touch along the way including a dig site and tree fort. We had a bit of an experience later in the day. The good news is that Morgan is not allergic to wasps. The bad news is that she was "attacked" by them. She was walking ahead of us, when she came running back screaming "owie, owie" and violently rubbing her head. We took a look and I found "something" smashed in her hair and pulled it out. She kept screaming and rubbing and upon further observation, we found another (alive) wasp. It was completely tangled up in her hair but Baba managed to get it out. Thank goodness, because my first reaction was to smack her in the head to kill it. She would have had a headache AND a wasp sting. We went to the Visitor Center to get some first aid for the sting(s?). After a little bit, she was really to head right back out and continue exploring. What a trooper!

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