Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hello (Echo, Echo, Echo)

Thanks everyone for your kind words and support while I've been on hiatus. Our life in whirlwind increased into a level F-3 tornado. Luckily, no structures were permanently damaged and now we are working on cleaning up the mess. While I've been hibernating, I continued to stalk, I mean, read up on all of you. There must have been stormy weather all around the blogosphere because I've noticed several other sites have closed down or gone on hold. For those of you this applies to, my thoughts are with you.

Speaking of stalking, I was checking out a message board I used to be highly involved in over a year ago. I've been on the board since before Morgan was born and meet a great group of women. Unfortunately the members started dropping like flies as our kiddos started getting older. Anywho, Heather (hi Heather!) started a thread about when to switch from a five-point harness to a booster seat. So I decided to do a little research on booster seats (no back ones) and see when we might be switching. Ummm... I think we are in trouble. You need to be 40 pounds. Our little tiny peanut is almost five years old and is 31 pounds soaking wet. The rate we are going, she will be able to use a booster by the time she goes to her Junior Prom. I'm sure that will make a nice accessory with her dress.

With my new start, I decided to give the blog a new look. I'm not 100% sold on it. The colors aren't as cheery, maybe reflecting my more somber mood. Not sure if that's a good thing.

On a happy note, Morgan and I've been able to spend some time back on the family farm in Indiana with the 'Rents and my extended family. This is my Grandma Morgan, part of Morgan's namesake.

She is 91 years old and is still enjoying life. She lives in the farm house on her own. Still cooks delicious pork chop, mashed potatoes and cherry delight meals for the whole family. Still joins us on outings to the State Park and the Children's Museum. Still as sharp and witty as ever. I can only hope that I am as healthy and vibrant as she is when I enter old age. Love you Grandma.


Simply AnonyMom said...

So glad you are back. I totally get that a light breeze can turn into a tornado.

Heather said...

Glad to you see back on-line. Hope all is well.

When I posted that question it was my first time back on that site in probably almost 7 months (I posted Jason's birth and then i think that was it).

Tyler's not big enough for a backless booster either. Perhaps they can go the prom together...

jamielblev said...

I'm never there anymore. I keep in contact via email much better. :-)

I am glad you are back to blogging. It's such a good outlet! I love the new background and especially the photo image up top. Very cool!

Shelby's in a backless booster now, but she's a solid 60 lbs and 46" tall. If I could, I would keep her in a 5pt harness forever, but it's just not possible. I only recently took off the back part of the booster b/c it was hurting her back.

Shey said...

So glad to see you back! Hope all is going well and that the "wind" will continue to die down.

I hardly ever check in on the message board you're referring to, though I primarily lurked to begin with. And ever since the "big upgrade" a while back, I haven't been able to sign in anyhow.

And I too really like your new background! And love the pic up on top. Your photography is VERY good!