Friday, April 3, 2009

Inter-Cultural Day

Today was Inter-Cultural Day at Morgan's school. To celebrate, they were throwing a potluck where each student needed to bring a food item representing his/her culture and heritage. I tried to talk Morgan into bringing Brats for her German blood. Nope. Spaghetti for her Italian side was also out of the question. At the time I couldn't think of anything for her English/Welsh side. Fish and Chips would have been good, but I'm sure she would have shot that down too. Out of desperation, I suggested something with cheese to honor my Wisconsin background. She got all excited and with complete conviction announced what she wanted to bring. And there was no going back.

So with a bit of embarrassment, I brought in food that represented our trailer side.

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Staci said...

Too funny! I can only imagine what my son would pick. At least she knows what she likes!