Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Little Hockey Player

Morgan lost two teeth at school. She's been planning on losing them at school for a while now. If they come out there, she gets to go to the nurses office and get a special tooth box. So after much twisting and cranking, they both came out. Now she's got the smile of a hockey player.

On the way home from school, she lost one of her teeth so we had to write a note (again) to the tooth fairy. Wanting to make sure she that she got fully compensated for BOTH teeth, she placed the note under the the pillow one night, and the box with the tooth the second night. "So she doesn't get confused."

The next day I lost my cellphone. Morgan told me I should write a note and put it under my pillow so that the cellphone fairy could give me a new onee. And then she laughed and laughed.

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Heather said...

Such a cute picture! And she says the best things!