Friday, February 5, 2010


This week there have been several surgeries happening to members of our household. Earlier this week, we had the vet remove a large mass from Champ. He was pretty sure it was a fatty mass, but with the way our luck has been, we wanted to make sure. It was a benign fatty tissue so that was good news. Bad news is that Champ messed around with his stitches and ended up getting an infection. He now sports the "cone of shame".

I had Lasik surgery yesterday. It went well and I'm happy to report that I can now see without glasses or contacts. The procedure is pretty simple and not painful at all. After the surgery, my eyes burned pretty bad for about an hour but then they were fine. Could have something to do with the Valium they give you as well. Those things are awesome. I'm going to talk to my doctor about giving me some before I fly. Although I'd probably need Mark to carry me off of the plane.

It's a bit weird getting used to being able to see unassisted 25+ years of wearing glasses or contact. But it's a good weird. Besides the great eyesight, the next best thing to come out of the surgery is these nifty glasses I need to wear at bedtime for a month. They protect my eyes from any accident bumping or scratching. Aren't they just the hottest things ever? Mark can barely contain himself. LOL!

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