Thursday, July 22, 2010

County Fair Time

I haven't been updated in awhile because my parents have been in town and we've been busy visiting. I hope to download some pictures soon and catch up our happenings.

Last night we went to the County Fair. The older I get, the scary the fair gets. It's the same rides year after year and I must admit, they are starting to look pretty run-down and I worry about their safety. Morgan, of course, doesn't notice and has a great time each year. This year she was tall enough to ride a couple of new ones. Her favorite was the scrambler which she rode with her hands up in the air. She claims to "love the pressure it puts on my body" so I think it's actually therapeutic for her Sensory Processing Disorder. Too bad we can't put one of those in our backyard!

She made a friend while riding the motorcycles and they were inseparable from then on out, holding hands and running from ride to ride together. It's amazing how easy it is for kids to make friends. They rode for about an hour or so together before it was time to leave.

Once again, we didn't see any of the animals or any of the other exhibits, it's always right to the fairway where we stay the whole time. We did get to watch a magician while we were eating dinner. Morgan really enjoyed him and was clapping and laughing out loud - not something she normal does while watching a performance.

She's already talking about going back next year. I just hope that they have some updated (or even fixed/cleaned up) rides.

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