Thursday, June 26, 2008

Don't Fear Change - Embrace It

Since Morgan is almost four years old now, I've been thinking that is not the best place to post anymore. Since several other friends have switched over here, I thought I might follow the herd and try this out too. While this site is not password protected, I have made it private, so the only way to find it is by directly typing in the URL. For those of you who are a bit forgetful (and you know who you are) you may want to write it down.

Here is your abbreviated tour of the site. On your right you will see some pictures followed by links to our photo albums on Snapfish (WARNING - These albums have not yet been edited so there are literally hundreds of pictures to navigate through. I will be fixing that soon). After that are the video links. Below that are links to previous blog entries. I have no idea how many entries fit on this first page or how long they appear, but if you miss any, you can click on those links and read them. Directly below this post you will see "Posted by Michelle at 5:26 PM 0 comments". If you click on "comments", you can read what's been written (if there were any) or you can add your own comment. There will be a comment link available for each post. While was great while it lasted, this site allows me to do so much more.

So sit back, enjoy the new site and the crazy ride also known as our life.

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