Friday, June 27, 2008

Emergency Room Take 3

Have you heard about our family curse? For the last couple of years we end up in the emergency room around this time. One year Morgan fell off a ride at Chuck E Cheese, ended up with a concussion, couldn't keep fluids down and stayed in the hospital over night. The next year, Morgan fell off a railing at Sesame Place and cracked her head. It was bleeding but thankfully no stitches and no concussion.

Even though this emergency room was for animals, instead of people, I can't help but wonder if it's a continuation of our curse. We ended up in two seperate emergency rooms for four hours with Tyler. We were dog sitting Tyler. Before we got him, he had already spent the night in an ER. This is were it gets gross. One of his anal glands had burst, causing a hole the size of a quarter in his butt. While watching him, we needed to put two types of cream on his hole. Let me tell you, this made for one very, very unhappy dog and a very, very difficult situation. During one of his rabid dog impersionations, ended up tweaking his leg. We found out from the first vet, that his shoulder had popped out of the joint and he could not fix it. On to the second vet, who had to keep him over night, pop it back into place and wrap it up. We all decided that it was best for him to stay at the vet at least until Mom and Rich could pick him up on Monday, if he doesn't stay longer to heal. Poor little guy! Mark and I felt awful.

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