Monday, May 18, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

Sunday - We went to two birthday parties.

Party #1 was for Morgan's "boyfriend" at school, Cullen. There she had one HUGE piece of cake and several pieces of pinata candy.

Party #2 was for our close friend's son Caleb, or as Morgan likes to call him K-love (not to be confused with K-fed). There she had one piece of cake and was snuck a second piece by Sarah (not sure what I did to make Sarah mad enough at me to do this, but will have to find out).

Monday - Morgan had a cake hangover. Her teachers thought she was sick with the flu by how she was acting. While they were feeling her checks and forehead over and over, I explained it was just too much sugar.

Mark picks her up from school and gives her more candy. At dinner we discover that she also had cupcakes at school for Cullen's school celebration. Then we get a call from the Banaitis. It's Gavin's birthday and would we like to come over for some cake.

And here is the final result of all that sugar overload:

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