Sunday, May 3, 2009

She's Her Own Worse Enemy

Morgan is extremely emotional. She feels things with ever fiber of her being. When she is happy, she is smiling, jumping, giggling and squelling out load. When she is upset she is screaming, thrashing and stomping. There is no question about what she is feeling at any given time.

We have been working on appropriate behavior for when she is upset, for what seems like forever. Recently, she had the mother of all temper tantrum. She was on the floor thrashing around like a fish out of water - completely out of control. Suddenly, her screams of anger turn to screams of pain. I ask her what is wrong. She replies that she kicked herself in the face. Yes, she had such a terrible tantrum that she gave herself a black eye with her knee.

This picture doesn't do the damage justice, but you can see her right eye has a mark underneath it.

Just maybe, she's learned her lesson?

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jamielblev said...

Oh wow! I imagine it'll look worse tomorrow. There's a girl on Shelby's soccer team with the same emotional issues. Her parents are at a loss on what to do. :-(