Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter Eggs

This weekend we colored our Easter Eggs. In years past, it was a quick dunk in one color and she was ready to move on. This is the first year that Morgan was able to get really creative with her eggs.

She waited patiently as she colored half an egg one color and the other half another.

She carefully blotted the eggs.

Mark and I finished our eggs before she had gotten half way through with hers.

Her finished project included an egg with a butterfly and an egg with a carrot draw on it as well as several multi-colored eggs. That egg in front, second from the right is Mark's. It says "Bunnies Taste Good". Morgan was very concerned about the Easter Bunny seeing this one and getting mad at us!

After an hour of coloring, eggs weren't the only thing that ended up more colorful then they started out as.


Staci said...

How fun! Looks like everyone was working hard on them!

Heather said...

Too cute! I hadn't even thought of dying eggs yet. Bad me!

Regarding your post to me, yes I know by law they have to follow IEPS. That being said, some teachers are way more willing to do so than others, at least it what I encountered. Obviously they all have to, but some teachers do so willingly while others drag their feet and make it downright unpleasant. I certainly hope for you and Morgan that you only encounter the good accepting teachers. I hate to make generalizations and obviously thtere are always exceptions to the rule, but I think it's getting better over time as some of the "old school" teachers retire. LOL.