Monday, March 15, 2010

The Magic Tree House

Morgan has discovered the Magic Tree House Chapter books and loves them. They are about two siblings who are teleported back in time or to distant lands by a magic tree house. We started with the Riddle Series (books 9-12) so we have not read the first book and we do not know how the kids meet Morgan Le Fay, the lady who send the kids on their adventures. It is apparent their parents do not know Morgan Le Fay and their adventures are a secret.

So my Morgan has a good question. A smart question: If their parents don't know Morgan Le Fay and Morgan Le Fay was a stranger, why did the kids start going away with her? Don't they know about Stranger Danger?

I guess we'll have to read the first book and see if the author Mary Pope Osborne handles the stranger danger issue because Morgan is very worried.


Staci said...

That's definitely a good question :)

My son just discovered this series too. We're reading through the Merlin Missions and loving it so far too!

Heather said...

Ty loves them too. We've read, I think, the first 5 of them. You don't find out about Morgn until at least maybe book 3??? Worth reading from the beginning.