Friday, March 19, 2010

Sitting Still

Having Sensory Processing Disorder, especially being a sensory seeker causes Morgan to appear hyper, like her engine is away on the go (this blog isn't called "Whirlwind" for no reason!) Needless to say, this makes it very difficult for Morgan to sit still in the classroom. She was getting into trouble on a regular basis. The therapist at the Center recommended we wrap a thera-band around the base of her chair. That way she would get the muscle workout she craves by kicking her legs against it.

We've had this thera-band in place for a few weeks when we received an e-mail from the teacher that it was no longer working. Morgan had been setting her chair on the floor, backside down so that she could bounce on the band. Not exactly using the chair appropriately and not exactly safe. It was apparent that she needed more then just feedback back to her legs muscles, but to her whole core as well.

After observing her in the classroom, the school OT suggested we bring in a small rocking chair.

The rocking chair provides full body sensory input without being a distraction in the classroom. We have had this chair in place for a week and I'm happy to report that her teacher has said it is working wonderfully. She is more focused and is getting up less often.

Hmmm... maybe I could convince my work that I need a rocking chair, preferable a nice comfy Lazy Boy one, for my job too!


Heather said...

it's so awesome that her teachers are willing to implement this stuff. You'd be amazed how many teachers, sadly, would not. And yea for Morgan!

Mee2 said...

I just wanted to say commented on my blog a hundred million years ago.

You said you were in Colorado. What area? I'm in Pueblo.

All my children have ADHD and have a VERY hard time sitting still in school. I am very thankful they have had excellent and very understand teachers.

Love your colored pancakes!!