Thursday, June 10, 2010

Imagination Station

The theme this week at camp is Imagination Station.

On Monday, they created masks. Morgan made a leopard one. Then they played Night at the Museum in the gym and Man from Mars. After lunch they had a cartoon contest, played pictionary and charades.

Tuesday was reservior day. Morgan didn't want to wear her swimsuit under her clothes. Because of her Sensory Processing Disorder, the tightness of the suit under her clothes stresses her out so I didn't push the issue and let her pack her suit to change into later. Apparently, she didn't want to change into her suit at all. Instead of swimming, she stayed in her regular clothes and played with the sand toys on the beach. I was a little surprised about this because she normally loves to swim. I think the water snake from last week might have her a little apprehensive about getting into the water.

On Wednesday the kids played Rhythm Magic in the gym. Then they headed out to Wash Park to play and have some lunch. After lunch, they went to Swallow Hill, a music school, were they listened to a custom concert just for them. After the concert, the kids were able to try out the different musical instruments but Morgan did not participate in this. She was more content to watch the other kids try out the instruments.

Today the campers are headed to Celestial Seasonings for a tour of their tea factory. Morgan is excited to try some of the tea samples. She has never tasted tea before so it should be interesting to see what she thinks about them.

Friday they will be making clay creations, playing memory in the gym, creating a camp mural and having a talent show.

Next week Morgan will be going to her gymnastics camp. She said that she is ready to go to that camp because she's "getting bored of this one". Wow. I'm not sure how she could be bored since they have done more in a few weeks then I've done for a whole summer when I was a kid! Good thing she's not staying home me with me all day, or else she would really, really be bored!

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