Friday, June 4, 2010

Wild, Wild Rockies

The theme for camp this week was Wild, Wild Rockies.

Tuesday was swimming at the reservoir. Thinking it was Monday since the holiday weekend mixed up my timing I dressed Morgan in regular clothes (campers are supposed to wear their swimsuits under their clothes on reservoir days). Once I realized it was actually Tuesday, I was not about to change Morgan's clothes again. SPD makes it very difficult for her to put on a clothes, let alone a swimsuit. I figured she could wear her regular clothes and change at the reservoir. She had no problems changing in to her suit at camp, but it turns out she could have just kept her regular clothes on. There was a water snake spotted at the swim beach, so nobody went into the water. Instead, they played on the playground and hiked around again.

Wednesday the kids went on a tour of Coors Field. The highlight of the tour for Morgan was going into the dugout. They were suppose to see Dinger, the mascot, but he was making an appearance at Children's Hospital that day. Although disappointed not to meet him, Morgan was excited to share the reason why the Rockies have a dinosaur as a mascot - because a dinosaur bone was found while they were building the stadium.

Thursday was a hiking trip up to Golden Gate Canyon State Park. I was surprised to see this on their schedule since it's pretty far away. Apparently, the councillers didn't realize just how far away it really was. The bus got lost on the way up, Morgan was car sick (which she never, ever has gotten before) and was clutching a garbage can on the drive. By the time they got there, they had time for lunch and that was it. They ate and had to get right back on the bus.

Needless to say, this wasn't the best week!

Today they will be staying at the school and making construcation paper mountain scenes, playing Pac Man in the gym, shadow tag outside, Eagle Ball, making rock Ladybugs, and playing Jump the Canyon back in the gym. I think Morgan was looking forward to an uneventful day.

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Staci said...

I'm sorry to hear it was such a rough week! I hope it gets better!