Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Library Summer Reading Program

Last year the library summer reading program wasn't so much a summer program as a quick get-these-reading-list-items-checked-off-within-a-week-or-two. This year, the program consists of reading a book each week for eight weeks, much better in the fact that it was, well, over the summer. At week four the kids are supposed to come in and get a mid-term price. Morgan was so excited to complete her four weeks. She read her fourth book on a Sunday (when she had until Saturday to read it) and wanted to get to the library on Monday. The librarian checked her sheet, congratulated her and handed her a plastic bag. As we walked away Morgan asked what was in the bag. We peeked in to find... nothing. Morgan asked if the bag was supposed to be her prize. I told her that apparently it was. Morgan replied, well that isn't a very good price. Yes honey, I would have to agree with you there! Thank goodness it didn't crush her enthusiasm for the program too much. She's thinking that the final prize will be something better. I don't think it would take much to top a cheap plastic bag!

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Staci said...

That really stinks! But I'm glad she's still excited about reading.