Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Last week Morgan brought home her place mat from school. I was surprised that she had this and asked her if she was supposed to bring it home. Yes, she replied, there isn't enough room for it. Not enough room? When we were there for Back to School Night they all fit fine. What do you mean there's not enough room? Well come to find out, they added even more kids to the classroom (for a grand total of 34) and now they don't all fit around the tables any more. You got to be kidding me!! Here we go again!

A bunch of us have called around and found out that we are the only district with such overcrowded classrooms this year. Our numbers are 50% more then any other districts. Other charter or special admission schools in our districts are not as overcrowded either. Several of us parents have been writing letters to the superintendent. Once our questions became direct, he stopped corresponding with us. I'm not sure what our next course of action will be, but these numbers are simply not acceptable.

Morgan brought home her worksheets that she completed in the classroom. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say waiting for 34 kids to finish their assignments is not productive! What do you think?

Here is the front of her sheets:

And here is the backside:

Nah, she doesn't have too much time on her hands between activities.

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jamielblev said...

Ugh!!! 34 is just too many!!!! What is the state regulation? I think in TX for us it's 22 and of course that means there is AT LEAST 22 in our classes. Not to mention a brand new school just opened up 1/2 a mile away and schools are still overcrowded. Shelby's class is in a portable building!!! UGH!! You just opened a can of worms for ME! LOL