Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jackson Lake State Park

This weekend we camped at Jackson Lake State Park and the one word I can use to describe it is: HOT! It was so hot that even the water was too warm. It was so hot that we spent most of the afternoon hanging out in the shade thinking about how hot it was. It was just so hot!

We spent the weekend swimming, fishing, geocaching and just hanging out.

In the evening we roasted the most ginormous marshmallows that I have ever seen courtesy of my parents. These things are HUGE.

They make a regular sized marshmallow look like it has the punes.

They take up two full-sized graham crackers and still oozy out the sides.

Even the kids said that they were too much. After eating one, you felt like you could run around the whole lake.

The main highlight of the trip was the night time vistors that swarmed the area - tons and tons of toads ranging in size from giant parents to tiny little babies. The kids loved trying to catch them all. Roan was definetely the king toad catcher, sometimes having up to three of them in his hands.

While a little more timid then Roan, Morgan still held her own - literally.

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