Thursday, August 19, 2010

Colorado Campground

This past weekend we went camping at Colorado Campground outside of Woodland Park.

At the end of the campground is a path to a lake.

We discovered lots of creatures like crayfish, minnows and ducks.

Since we were going to a lake, Morgan wanted to bring her net to try and catch frogs. There were no frogs, but she entertained herself for hours catching minnows.

It wasn't enough for her to catch them all day long, we went back the second day and she spent another hour catching and releasing her small fish friends.

We also did some geocaching. The first cache took us on a mile adventure through tall grass, across a stream and under barbed wired fences to the middle of nowhere.

Figuring that one crazy adventure was enough, we decided to drive to the rest of the geocaches, which lead to some fun four-wheel driving.

There is only one more camping trip to do this summer. I can't believe the season is almost over.

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Staci said...

Looks like quite the adventure! I can't believe summer's almost over either!