Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Christmas in February

First, I must say that we did take down our Christmas decoration right before New Years, so I thought I was on the ball. Last night we were eating dinner and Morgan looked up at the top of our cabinets.

Morgan: Mom

Me: Yes?

Morgan: You should probably take Santa down. Christmas was over a loooong time ago.

I look up to see that we still have our Santa in an airplane still sitting on top of the cabinet. Guess it's time to take it down when a four year old is criticizing your outdated decorating.

To my defense, I'm really short so I hardly look all the way up there. Hopefully I remember to take it down tonight.

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Simply AnonyMom said...

that is too funny. JoJo has started telling everyone Happy Holidays when we leave and then asking me if Santa heard her. It is too funny.