Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We Survived

We had a wonderful visit to Green Bay. Surprisingly, the weather wasn't so bad. There was actually this shining bright light in the sky for two out of the four days we were there. The temperatures were a balmy 30-40 degrees. The heat wave had people out jogging in shorts and short sleeves. We even saw a family sitting outside on their patio sans-jackets, soaking up the heat. Ah, yes. It is a different world. I've obviously gotten soft being away, because to me, it was still freaking cold!

We all had a great time visiting. Morgan's favorite thing was taking turns with a bucket of bouncy balls, dumping them down the stairs, then trying to find them all, thanks to Baba's great idea. It still doesn't take much to entertain her. We were able to do some sledding on my childhood toboggan and we walking around at the Wildlife Sanctuary. It still amazes me that the Wildlife Sanctuary is free, especially after they have added a pretty neat indoor exhibit area. We also spent some time at the Three Domes in Milwaukee before our flight out. The time sure went by fast.

As for the flight, I was pleasantly surprised by the airline (United) to see that the $15 (yes, each way) charge for extra luggage did not include car seats. Also exempt are wheelchairs and strollers. Nice to see that they aren't making it too much of a burden for families. Morgan did great on both legs of the flight. Mark and I figured out that this was her 11th flight in her four and a half years. She has become quiet the professional traveller and does better at the security checks then most adults.

I'll post pictures in the next couple days. Meanwhile, we are trying to get back into the grind of our regular life.

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Heather said...

Glad it went well. Looking forward to pics!