Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Assembly Line

I appreciate the fact that Morgan wants to be involved in getting the Valentine's ready for her class. Really. I do. It's great that she wants to take the time and effort to make things special for her friends. I just wish she could do it a little faster.

We spent around TWO hours last night getting 26 valentines made. First, I had to read off the classmate's name and then she would deliberate on which design was bested suited for each person. She waffled between Belle and Cinderella several times. She wasn't nearly as picky picking out the boys' Teenage Mutant Nijia Turtle designs. I would then write the friend's name on the To line and she would write her name on the From line. Boy, did she get a lot of practice writing her name. Then, she wanted to pick out which sucker would go into the valentine, bunch out the pre-cut holes and weave the sucker stick through. Just when I thought we were all done, she wanted to do ones for kids who aren't in her class but she knows, as well as almost all the teachers at her school.

At least she is very thoughtful! And hopefully next year, she will have the skills to do this a little faster.

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Staci said...

That's not something I look forward to next year!

I'm sure she was so proud when she passed them out though.