Friday, November 7, 2008

A Little Monkey Bizness

Cori and I got the kids together for some playtime, not just for them but for us. There is a new place that opened called Little Monkey Bizness. It's a spin off of the regular Monkey Bizness but it's geared towards kids 2-6 (nobody over 6 is allowed). Another added bonus is the coffee shop inside so the kids can play while the adults get (semi-)uninterupted conversation time. It was a nice place, but Connor and Morgan both agreed that they like Monkey Bizness more. The play equipment seemed to be geared more towards 2-3 year olds - no giant slides to please those that are thrillseekers.

They did have an art room with painting and coloring which both kids enjoyed. The logo for Little Monkey Bizness is a girl monkey with a bow in her hair. All the coloring pages had this monkey on them. Connor was complaining that there was nothing for him to color - he was not going to color a girl. Morgan put her great problem solving skills to use. She grabbed some scissors and cut the bow off the paper, handed it to Connor and said "Look it's a boy now". Connor happily colored away.

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