Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still Coping

Morgan was taking pictures of the sky with her camera. She informed me she's trying to get a picture of Cheyenne up in heaven. She said it wasn't working but she still had other pictures of Chey on her camera so that was OK.

Tonight was hard. Mark is out of town again. I'm sure he's having a rough time being away from us in Vegas and all. So Morgan is extra sensitive and very weepy.

She's been alright with the shrimp guarding her at night which has been very surprising. Last night she said that her shrimp must be dizzy. Why? Because all he does is go round and round in circles.
If you look really closely, you can see him on side of the bowl where the cup is at. And yes, the water really is that gross. He used to have three other friends to help him keep it clean, but now he's all alone.

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