Monday, November 3, 2008

A Week In Review

I'll try and make this week summary short and sweet.

Last week was Spirit Week at Morgan's school. The first day was crazy hair day. Apparently Morgan has an inner punk rocker just dying to get out.

There was also PJ day, sports day (she wore her Barbie cheerleader outfit), and then costume day, where she wore her Jasmine princess costume.

We also carved her pumpkin. Our tough little girl suddenly has an issue with being messy. Her reaction when she found out she needed to use her hands to clean out the pumpkin can be summed up with one word that she used over and over: GROSS! She actually went to the drawer and got herself a spoon instead.

Mark thought power tools were the best way to carve.

Morgan wanted in on the fun too so he had to go back to the old fashion way.

The weather on Halloween was down right warm. For the first time ever, no jackets were required. Madison was actually hot in her Barney costume.

Our neighborhood completely rocked. People from other communities came into ours as the word about our cool factor spread. There were haunted garages, people dressed up on their patios and lots and lots of decorations. One neighbors costumes and garage set up had Morgan so scared, she saw it and started running away and hiding in a nearby yard. After that, Morgan was choosy about which door she would go up to based on the scare factor.
Next, we got the parent of the year award. We decided to let Morgan gorge herself with as much candy as she wanted on Halloween. This ended with her running into the bathroom and throwing up at the end of the day. In hindsight, this was a bad idea.

Did I mention that candy is Morgan's addiction.?I have never seen such a candy fiend before. Some kids lose interest in their candy after a few days, some lose track of their candy and parents can slowly make it mysteriously disappear. Neither of these tactics work with Morgan. Last year she would throw a fit wondering where her third Starburst package went. Yes, she counted, inventoried and remembered all her candy. So this year I had a plan. I would give Morgan the option to trade her candy in for a toy after a week of binging.

Two days after Halloween, we were in Target and Morgan saw a Pixos kit. She asked if she could trade her candy for this. I told her that we could come back next week and get it. She was very insistent that she was ready now to trade it in. Mark thought this was going to end poorly, but we got the kit with the agreement she needed to trade in her candy when we got home. As soon as she got home, she ran up to her stash and started throwing it in a bag. To Mark's amazement, we didn't have any issue at all.
I'm sure the vomiting incident helped.


jamielblev said...

Shelby wants that pixo thingamabobber. You'll have to let me know how it goes. I've got it on Santa's list.

Simply AnonyMom said...

What fun pictures! I remember wearing coats on halloween growing up in Denver. Lots of years there were even snow. I am glad you had such a warm night. I have the kids candy hidden in my room. It is high up so I can not sneak it too easily and the kids forget about it (until they see daddy sneaking some).

My boy wants the Pixos thing too. Please post a yea or nea efore we buy it!