Friday, January 16, 2009

Feeling the Bloggy Love

I received my very first blog awards this week and couldn't be more honored. Julie at the Cool Mom Guide bestowed unto me the following two awards. (If you don't know who Julie is, then you are missing out on such things as Pantless Sunday and Wii Fit Mommies)

The You Make My Day Award is passed on to the blogger who, well, make someone’s day!

The second award is the Smile Award.

The rules for the Smile Award are as follows:
1) Display a cheerful attitude
2) Love one another
3) Make mistakes
4) Learn from others
5) Be a positive contributor to the blog world
6) Love life
7) Love kids

I am passing on these awards to the following people:

1. Jamie who has provided much support through out the years. Although I have never met her IRL, I still consider her a friend.

2. Anonymom who, although I still don't know her real name!, is a faithful commenter on this site. She helps me know that I am not just talking to myself and for that I am extremely grateful.

3. Heather who I admire for her strength and determination. Not to mention she has the cutest little boy, who undoubtedly will be the next mouseketeer. You must check out his performance HERE.

4. Lilith who's blog is funny, informative and real. Plus she's from the same state as I am, so I have to show some Colorado love.

5. Tena who not only writes about her adventures with her three sons, but also does a second book review blog where she has an incredible goal of 918 books to read. I admire her ability to overachieve. She is also running for a Blog Award and would appreciate your vote HERE.


Lilith Silvermane said...

YAY... Thanks hon... :)
I love Bloggy awards!

jamielblev said...

Awww, you are so sweet!!!

Simply AnonyMom said...

Thank you very much. It is much appreciated.

Oh and you know who I am but we have never met IRL. We were on WebMD together for a few years. I just had a different screen name then Anonymom.

Heather said...

Awww, you're so sweet! Thank you!