Thursday, January 15, 2009

Four Going on Thirteen

We are in for a long tough ride with Morgan. She is only four, yet she's acting more and more like a teenager. Here are the latest examples:

1. Whenever she is mad at us, she tells us to call Grammie because she's going to live with her instead. I didn't realize that they tried running away from home this early!

2. We are at Dillards and she hops into a makeover chair at the MAC counter and announces she wants someone to do her makeup. Now first of all, if you know me, you know that I'm a pretty au-natural girl. On a rare occasion you *might* find me with some eye shadow on. So she didn't get this interest from me. When I tell her that she can't have a make over until she is a teenager, all hell breaks loose. HELLO! You are FOUR!

3. Morgan has started having fits when we leave a friends house. Normal four year old behavior but irritating as all get out. Last night was way over the top and she was completely out of control. This morning I talked to her about her behavior and how it's not acceptable and it needs to stop or she won't be able visit friends for a while. We discuss ways in which she can calm herself down or express herself more appropriately. She proceeds to tell me how she will try. I tell her she needs to do more than try. To which she responds, Well, I can try, but it might not stop. And then with a shrug of the shoulders she adds: It's just the way I am. How can she have this type of attitude already?

Ah yes, I see a long rocky road ahead.


Heather said...

LOL, I see that you and I both have our hands full with some 4-year-old behavior!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

OMG! LOL! You have a feisty Princess! I have two girls, are you warning me? LOL!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

Oh Yes - isn't it fun though!