Sunday, January 11, 2009

Go Fetch... Morgan??

We've had Champ for a month now and he's really fitting into the family. He went back to the vet on Friday for a follow up. One of the reasons he was so skinny was because he had Giardia. Thank goodness none of us came down with it and he is now Giardia-free. He weighs 38 pounds now, but the vet would like to see him gain a few more pounds. We were able to get all his shots done so he is now able to socialize with other dogs.

We took him to the Cherry Creek Dog Park and he had a blast. There 12 square miles for him to run around on as well as many water areas to swim in. His number one favorite things to do is play fetch. You could even say he's ball obsessed. I don't think he noticed that there were any other dogs around with how focused he is on his ball. With all that focus and love, you would think that he would be good at fetch. For a lab, he isn't the best retriever. 80% of the time he would lose the ball after it was thrown. That's were Morgan comes in. We found out she also likes to fetch balls. She would beg us to throw a ball just for her to find it. We had two balls so we would throw one for the dog, and if he found it, we would throw the next one for Morgan. I never have seen a girl get so excited to find a ball before.

Yes, we have a strange one.

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