Monday, January 5, 2009

Winter Activities - Take 2

A few days ago, April and I took the girls skating. I was waiting for the pictures before I posted, but it looks like it might be a little while before I get them (HINT HINT). While Keaghan really enjoyed the experience, I can not say the same of the younger two. As a matter of fact, I would call it a down right failure. It probably didn't help that they didn't have skates in Morgan and Kaitlynn's size. Morgan was coaxed into going around the rink a whole three times with me, complaining the whole time. She also thought it was fun to criss-cross her legs back and forth as I was slumped over trying to hold her up. My back still aches. When we were done, she told me she never wanted to skate again. That makes two of us.

Mark and I decided to attempt another winter activity with Morgan so we took her up to Frasier for some tubing. At first Morgan was pretty freaked out about tubing down a mountain. She was picturing a big, tree ridden, rocky mountain side. Once we got there, she was fine. You have to be 7 years old to ride alone, so Mark and I each got our own tubes and she would share with us. The first time we went down, my stomach was in my throat. It was intense! I was a little worried about her but when she jumped out of my lap, she had the biggest smile on her face. She loved it!

After tubing, we had some lunch and then wanted to do one more activity. Of course ice skating was out of the question, so we headed to Hideaway Park and their kiddie hill. The park offers free sleds for anyone to use. Even though the hill isn't as steep, Morgan enjoyed being able to slide down by herself. She even carried her sled back up all by herself.

It nice that she is old enough to experience and appreciate some Colorado winter fun.

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jamielblev said...

OMG that looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!! We won't be doing any of that in my neck of the woods. Would you like to trade my 80 degree January weather for your snow???? ;-)