Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday Report

Mark brought Morgan into school on Monday (we have been rotating schedules so that both of us can enjoy the different aspects of pick up and drop off). According to him Morgan had her shoes and backpack on 10 minutes before it was time to leave. She was very anxious and wanted to get to school on time. As they were walking, she saw the bus and wanted to hurry and get there before the bus did.

Outside line up went smoothly for Mark and Morgan, but did not go well for others. There were four or five kids crying and clinging - four or five that were not clinging on the first day. So those of you starting school, be warned: the kids might do great on the first day, but after the first weekend they hit a restart button.

I picked Morgan up after school and unfortunetely Mr. Mouse is still there. At least he was going something productive. He was sitting outside with a large group of kids reading a story to them. He did not say boo to me when I got Morgan.

Morgan's made a new friend. She's an 8th grader! At least we think she's an 8th grader. Morgan said that she's 15 years old. Morgan calls her Sissy. Morgan's also informed us she would now like a little sister but that's a whole other story. Anyways, Sissy plays with Morgan during the After Care program. She pushes her on the swings. She seems like a very nice young lady. Hmmm... maybe a future babysitter?

Today in school they had a tornado drill. Morgan was in the music room when this happened. She had to grab a book, put it over her head and get down on the floor. Again, she found this fun. That girl has a weird sense of fun.

Her highlight for the day: playing with Sissy and listening to the music instructor teach the class her name by singing it. Her lowlight for the day: losing her bracelet. After some questioning, we discovered that she didn't actually lose the bracelet but Ms D took it away because she was playing with it and it's safely located in her cubbie.

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Staci said...

Sounds like it's quite the adventure! So sweet that she has a new friend, sounds like they have a lot of fun together!