Friday, August 28, 2009

Wiggle Room

I was helping Morgan finish up brushing her teeth last night, when I noticed that her bottom tooth looked like it was getting crooked. I put my finger on it and without any effort the tooth bent into a 90 degree angle. Since I'm not good at all with blood, guts or weird looking teeth I almost passed out. I was thinking "oh my gosh, she broke her teeth" and "oh no, we need to go to the dentist stat!" After the initial shock of the whole thing, my brain processed what was going on. My little girl was losing her first tooth. And quickly. We haven't noticed a wobbly tooth and now suddenly here it is just barely hanging on. We asked her if she noticed anything. She said at lunch today it felt funny and she was afraid that she was getting a cavity. While I was still trying to calm my stomach, she was jumping up and down excitedly announcing that she has a "lost tooth". The rest of the night she would ask us every couple of minutes if it was still there. She was very concerned about losing it on the ground.

First I had to deal with going to kindergarten and now this. I really didn't expect this to happen this soon. I should have. Most of her friends have already lost a tooth. I don't know how much more growing up stuff I can take in a short time!

Oh and does anyone know what the going rate is on the Tooth Fairy these days? I'm guessing it isn't the quarter we got as kids.


Banaitis 5 said...

We gave Keaghan $5.00 per tooth first go around (now granted she had 4 pulled out at once). Now we do a $1.00 or two.

Staci said...

Oh no! It all happens way too fast!

My niece (who's 5) lost her first tooth this weekend, and I was so grossed out. I'm not sure how I'll make it through that stage around here.

The tooth fairy will be a cheapskate in our house. A dollar definitely sounds good to me!

jamielblev said...

Shelby is anxious to lose her teeth since most of her friends are. I took her for a cleaning last month and the dentist said she had at least another 6 months before she would lose them. She was bummed. But apparently it is very cool to a 5-6 y/o to lose their teeth! Not sure what the going rate is. I remember getting a silver dollar, but that was a LONG time ago. LOL

Lilith Silvermane said...

I give a toy... here is my post on it..

It's an exciting time.. however one I am NOT looking forward to with my baby girl. I'll cry.. a lot.

I'm beginning to think she can't be the last one.. I don't think I'm ready to be done!