Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day 2010 - Tree Planting

I wasn't able to go to the tree planting ceremony, but about 20 minutes after it started the weather turned bad. Out by office it was downpouring and there were tornado warnings. I was wondering if the kids had a chance to plant their tree.

Then I received the following pictures from one of my girlfriends who was able to attend. They were able to have their ceremony, but notice the omnious weather rolling in the background.

And then the tornado warning was announced and they had to duck for cover in the hallways.

Not sure how much help a book over their head is going to provide!

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Heather said...

Wow, looks like a nasty storm. That's crazy that you have tornado drills. LOL. I mean it's not funny, but it seems so foreign to me. Glad they had their books for protection. LOL.