Monday, April 12, 2010


Still trying to get my act together with all the vacation pictures. In the meantime here are some things heard around the house these past few weeks.

"Yesterday Robbie yelled at me. I was sitting next to him and I was just breathing. He told me that my breathing was anoying him and to stop breathing. I told him I couldn't. It's nature!"

After falling down several times in a row, she stated in a very sad voice: "God made me clumsy".

"I can't wait to go to the desert. I get to wear my spagetti straps again!"

She's been having issues with getting to school on time, so in a moment of severe frustration I told her that if she kept being late, she would not be able to go on to 1st grade. Thinking of course, that this would be a bad consequence. Not thinking that one of her best friend's Madison is younger and would be entering kindergarten next year. Instead of putting a skip in her step, a huge smile crossed her face as she exclaimed how great it would be to be in class with Madison. Well that backfired!

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