Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tucson Casita

Instead of staying at a hotel, we rented a condo through We've used this website several times and love it. It's usually more affordable then staying in a hotel, you get lots more space and you aren't forced to eat at a restaurant meal after meal (which is always a good thing when you have a tired out kid). Our condo was at Starr Trail, a golf community and included access to the pool, fitness center and hot tub. The condo backed to the golf course and a dirt road leading to a trail head.

In the morning and evening there were tons of birds to watch including cactus wren, cardinals, doves, and quail and even a roadrunner scamper across the back patio. While trying to capture the birds on camera, it became very clear to me that my nemisis was the quail. They look so cute with their little plumes on their heads, but dang can those birds run fast. I was finally able to capture one before he disappeared into the foliage. He's on the left of the cactus. Score one for me!

The dirt road made a fun place to wander and explore. We saw jackrabbits including a little baby no bigger than Morgan's palm, compared our height to the cacti and found some flowers.

Just ask the main critic, it was a wonderful homebase for Tucson.

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