Friday, April 16, 2010

Tucson Children's Museum.

The last day in Tucson it was cold and rainy so we decided to do an indoor activity. When we asked Morgan what she wanted to do that day, she wanted to go back to the Sonoran Glass Art Academy. She really loved this experience. We had to explain that you needed reservations, plus it was too expensive to do twice. Her more reasonable pick was the Children's Museum. It's housed in a really neat older building downtown. The place is small, but it's packed full of fun activities and we managed to spend the whole day here.

Notice the screen on the inside of the firetruck. It simulates a real drive to a fire.

Morgan spent a lot of time on the rope maze. You belt on a bungee cord and hook a carabine to one of the colored ropes. Then you try to make your way from one end to the other, climbing over and under the ropes in your way.

Crafts were offered three times through out the day. Here Morgan is making butterfly wings to wear on her back.

Another big hit was the veterinarian area complete with a pet grooming station.

There was also an exercise room where you are super-imposed in the exercise video. One could do hip-hop or yoga.

Other exhibits included Dinosaur World, Build-it, Whistle Stop Gallery, Musica de Las Americas and Mind Your Own Body. The museum does not have a restaurant, but a short walk downtown brought us to a strip of places to choice from. The only downside is that there is no free parking and the meters are two hours max so we had to make several trips out to the car through out the day. Otherwise it was a pretty relaxing and slower pace day to end our trip on.

(Still need to post our trip to Saguaro National Park and the Biosphere2. Computer is back up and running so I just need to get to my parent's pictures)

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