Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Avoid Snapfish at All Costs

Now that the nice holiday cheer is behind us, it's time to air my issue with Snapfish. First let me say that I have been a loyal customer to Snapfish since 2004. Even when other friends and family were having problems with them, I stuck by them. I have ordered calenders through them before and have been very pleased, that is until this year.

I placed my calender order on Dec 11th with a guarantee delivery by Christmas Eve. The estimated delivery date was the 18th. I should have stayed on top of it, but with the holiday crazies, I didn't. Christmas Eve came and no calender. I checked my Snapfish account and the status was "Processing". My credit card had been charged on the 15th for the order. I called customer service. I got a guy named "Bob" whose thick accent tip me off to the fact that that was probably not his real name. He was short with me and completely unapologetic. All I could get out of him was that my order was cancelled. Um cancelled?? I don't think so. The order page says processing, I never received an e-mail about this so why was my order processed. I was told it was due to technical difficulties. Again, no apologies, no how can we make this right.

I asked for the manager and was transferred to someone who sounded suspiciously like "Bob". I was told I did receive an e-mail about the status change. Um, no. I was told that my credit card was not charged for this order. When I told them that it was charged and I could SEE the charge on my card, they told me I was mistaken. He told me several times I was mistaken about numerous issues. Nice customer service.

He asked me if I used pictures from my 2007 album in this calender. When I told him that I did for the month of December, I was told that this was the technical difficulty. Pictures uploaded in 2007 used a different format than those in 2008 and therefore would not work with the calender. WHAT??!! Are you serious. I'm no computer whiz, but even I know that this is a bunch of hoo-ha. Besides, if this were true (and we all know it isn't) shouldn't I have gotten an error message when I added the picture to the calender. After all, I get an error message when I add a low resolution picture.

Needless to say, I was furious. They did not care one bit about my business. They did not offer one thing to resolve the situation. They simply did not care. I ended the conversation by hanging up on silence. Merry Christmas Snapfish!

I have now found Shutterfly and couldn't be happier. It has more features than Snapfish. I already re-built my calender and order from Shutterfly. I ordered it on the 27th and it shipped out yesterday, the 29th. Now that's good service!


Heather said...

I had the same problem with my calendar last year through Snapfish. Luckily they resolved it, but not without hassle. I didn't use them this year.

Shey said...

Sorry about your hassle with them! That stinks! I love Shutterfly and use them for almost everything now! Plus they always have great codes for further discounts! Right before Christmas I ordered 5 photobooks and 2 sets of Christmas cards and only spent $82 (and that included shipping)! I love that they allow you to stack codes!

otto said...

Hello Michelle,

My name is Otto and I am the Worldwide Customer Support Manager at Snapfish. I read your post and was very sad to see how we failed to get you your order created and delivered to you.

Would it be possible for you to email me or call me and give me your Snapfish account email address or order number so that I can try to follow-up on this? I'd like to know both what went wrong with your calendar order and also who you spoke with on my team so that we can prevent a recurrence of both problems in the future.

Again, I'm very sorry for the trouble you experienced.

Yours, Otto

Otto Imken
Worldwide Customer Support Manager
Snapfish by HP
otto.imken at hp.com
Tel: (415) 979-3910