Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Time Fun

I hope that everyone had a very blessed Christmas. Our last few days have been very busy.

Christmas Eve Day was spent with Banaitis Family making cookies.

We went to church for the Christmas Eve service where Morgan joined us in the regular service. She enjoyed the carols, especially the yearly jingle bell song, where the kids get to stand on the pews and shake their parents keys while we sing Jingle Bells with a religious twist. She did a great job quietly sitting through the service but was very anxious for the candle lighting part. She kept grabbing her candle and asking if it was time yet. Once it was time, the experience was ruined for her as hot wax ended up pouring down her hand. Not so much a "Silent Night" when you got a little girl screaming. Ouch!

After church we drove around and looked at lights. There definetely wasn't as many this year as last. However, we did find a few houses that had their lights synchronized to music that was played through the radio. Those were really cool. We might have to look into that for next year.

Christmas Day brought lots of presents and fun, first at our house and then at Grandpas, staying in her PJs the whole time.

For the last couple of days we have been busy playing with every single toy she got. I don't think there was one present she didn't like. We have been playing Rhino Rampage, Guess Who Disney Version, Cat in the Hat I Can Do That and Monopoly Junior; creating a dozen martians and Playdough ice cream desserts; pretending with her Baby Pinkie Pie, Tumbles FurReal pet, Tinkerbell doll set and High School Musical doll; building lots of tall marble tracks with her Marble Race set and castles and bridges with her Royal Rescue set; exploring the world with her kid atlas and globe; and decorating lots of art projects. I'm tired just thinking about all that we've been doing. Needless to say, it was a wonderful Christmas.

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