Sunday, December 28, 2008

Zoo Lights vs House Lights

We finally had a night that wasn't freezing cold outside so we decided to take Morgan to the Christmas lights at the zoo. On the way she fell asleep and was still pretty beat when we got there. She wanted to press on and we didn't want a melt down so we decided to splurge and get one of the zoo wagons to chauffeur her around in.

While she enjoyed the whole experience, she liked having her picture taken in front of our own Christmas lights just as much and much, much cheaper. Plus she could sport the cool color-your-own-umbrella she got from Uncle Matt and Anne.


Simply AnonyMom said...

We wanted to do the Zoo lights here, but we had freakish snow amounts and never made it out to see them. I am glad she enjoyed the lights, and it sure is funny that your house lights were just as good a success as the zoo lights.

Staci said...

What amazing lights! My son would have adored the zoo lights! So funny that she was just as happy with the lights at home. Just goes to show you did a good job of decorating, right?