Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Plan Toy Dollhouse Furniture - A Review

When I was a little girl, my Grandfather handmade me a beautiful wooden dollhouse. I have fond childhood memories of throwing my Little People down the chimney into the fireplace and locking my cat inside and watching her through the windows. Now I get to pass on the dollhouse to Morgan. Apparently, the furniture I had growing up was cheap and my parents didn't keep it. I've discovered that finding good dollhouse furniture is hard... and expensive. After doing some research, I settled on Plan Toy furniture and couldn't be happier. It is sturdy and easy for a toddler to use, yet sophisticated enough for her to appreciate when she gets older. This furniture is made from all natural organic recycled rubber wood so it's safe and green. Each furniture set comes with little details that help add to the imaginative play: drawers open and sheets come off beds.

Sets come in three different styles: Classic, Neo and Decor. All three styles easily inter-mesh so if you buy a Classic bedroom, it still looks nice next to the Neo Kitchen. After you buy all the rooms, you can also get accessory packs like the Household Set (ironing board and iron, washer and dryer, sewing machine, etc) or the Fun Toy Set (a dollhouse, a teddy bear, a doll cradle, a blackboard, a skate board, a hobbyhorse and a tricycle).

The sets sell for around $19, a fairly average price but a good deal since, unlike my childhood furniture, Morgan will be able to pass these down to her children.

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