Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dodged a Bullet

Morgan had this on her Christmas list. Gigi really wanted to get it for her.

The description is as follows: The game of team-work, singing and surprising sleigh-rides! The Grinch is out to steal the Whos' gifts-but your family can save the day. Only your singing will warm the Grinch's heart and bring his sleigh full of stolen gifts speeding down Mt. Crumpit and back to Who-ville!

We begged Gigi not to buy it. We are NOT a singing family. In all the years I have known Mark, I don't think I've heard him sing once, not even in a bar after too many drinks when The Piano Man comes on, not at a concert, nada. As for me, let's back up, oh about 30 years or so. I'm a first grader at a Catholic school. We are practicing our singing for a church service. A nun (someone who is supposed to be compassionate, forgiving and caring) walks over to me and says "Oh honey. Don't sing out loud. You should just mouth the words". Apparently my joyful noise was not so joyful. Scarred for life.

Luckily Gigi took pity on us and agreed to get Morgan a different present. We thought we were in the clear. Then Morgan got her Christmas money. We usually just put it in her savings, but now that she's getting older, we decided to ask her what she wanted to do with it. Her response brought dread to my heart. She wanted the singing game. Ugh! We went to Target and, thank goodness, they didn't have the game. She decided to get Guess What I Am instead. I am secretly doing the happy dance. The pets, on the other hand, are not.

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