Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We've never had a topper for our Christmas tree. Morgan has commented several times this week, that the tree needs to have something special on top. Last night, I took her to Michael's so she could pick something out since Mark and I have no opinion either way on what should adorn the top. She picked out, what I thought was a beautiful bow. When we got it home, she unwrapped the bow and I mean unwrapped it. It was not fastened together, it was only folded ribbon which quickly turned to a pile of ribbon in a four year old's hands. As Mark and I attempted to figure out how to put the bow back together, Morgan grabbed the smaller extra piece that you tie around the bow. She announces that she is going to cut it in half. When she gets done with it, we are shocked to see that it is in two perfectly halved pieces.

No big deal right? She was simply smart enough to fold the ribbon in half and then cut it. Except that isn't what she did. She cut a chunk out the middle.

Coincidence or thoughtful planning? Either way, it's a bit creepy.

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