Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Camping At Mountain Park Campground

During this camping trip, it became very clear that Morgan is growing up.

Exhibit A: She wanted to leave her lovies Froggy and Bobby at home. She has not spent a night without them since she was born. I stowed them away in a hidden bag, just in case things went south once night came. But she didn't even ask about them.

Exhibit B: Both nights she slept by herself in the camper while we were at the fire... with the lights out. I offered to leave a light on for her, but was told "No thanks".

Exhibit C: Our hike on the Kreutzer Nature Trail. The trail turned out to be a 3 hour hike, over very rough and difficult terrain. And that's 3 hours of serious hiking, not lallygagging. At several points, each adult had to hold the hand of a child since the drop-offs on the side of the "trail" were very hairy. She did not whine or complain once but hiked on like a true trooper. Even I wanted to scream are we done yet. As a matter of fact all four kids did exceptionally well.

Unfortunately, my batteries in my camera died at the beginning of this trip so I don't have any pictures. However, I found this other blog that has great pictures and a commentary about the trail. Click HERE to be really impressed on what these 3-8 year olds did.

Tonka came with us on this trip and Champ stayed behind. He surprised us with how well behaved he was. Or it could be we just wore him out enough with the hike!

We really liked this area outside of Ft. Collins and would love to camp here another year. Next time, we would plan a rafting trip down the Poudre - a family floating one until the kids get bigger.

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