Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fro' Me to You: Bridesmaids and Bartops

That's me in the back. I've heard it's hard to tell the difference between me and Julie. Everyone thought we were sisters. Apparently, all short blondes look alike and therefore MUST be related.

Anyways, this picture was taken after one of our best friends wedding. Nothing says bridemaid like a purple Barney dress. And nothing says class like two bridesmaids dancing on a bar without shoes on.

This bar was awesome. It was called McSwiggins and the only dance floor was on the bar. Yes, on the bar. On purpose. And it was fun. Until some uncoordinated, intoxicated patron fell off and had to sue the bar for his own stupidity. The bar closed, ruining everyone's fun. In this day and age, there will never be another bar like it.

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Marcy - The Glamorous Life! said...

Okay the best part of the photo (besides the barefoot, purple satin hot mess that you were?) is the guy AT the bar TRYING to ignore you!

Man I wish I was there. Looks like killer fun.

(opps I can't link up actual website since you don't allow name/url entries :(

Norkio said...

That is too funny! I have been to a bar like that in Chico, CA a looonnnggg time ago. It was a 50s themed place and people would jump up on the jukeboxes, the bar, the tables, etc. Lotsa fun!

Kathi D said...

Oh my! I would kill to have a photo of myself barefoot in a purple dress like that! And on a bar? Priceless!