Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wedding and Birthday

This weekend was busy with a wedding on Saturday and a birthday party on Sunday.

One of my girlfriends and co-workers got married on Saturday. The groom is a fireman so the reception was at the firehouse, complete with fireman hat favors for the kids.

Morgan danced during the whole reception. She really liked hanging out with the older girls, who swung and twirled the younger kids.

She even tried to catch the bouquet.

And slow danced with Emma, the bride's daughter.

I love these picture of the two of them, even though it's blurred. I think it really captures the joy and fun they were having together.

On Sunday, before Kaitlyn and Gavin's birthday party, we had some excitement with a tornado in the area. We could see the funnel cloud right out of our kitchen window. It hit the shopping center and residential area a couple miles south of us. We had some hail in our neighborhood, but luckily it wasn't the golf ball size hail they were getting down the road.

Once the party started, the weather cleared up enough so that the kids could play outside.

Happy 3rd Birthday Gavin and Happy 4th Birthday Kaitlyn!

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Staci said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! Great photos, everything looks so fun!

Glad the tornado didn't hot any closer, I can't imagine seeing one!