Monday, June 15, 2009

The Pre-K Class of 2009

Friday evening was Morgan's Pre-K Graduation Ceremony. The school put on a great ceremony. First the director gave a speech, then the teachers, and then four of the students. The class sang "The Caterpillar" and the "I've been going to Pre-K" song. Unfortunately, it was hard to see and I had a lady with huge 80's hair in front of me, so the video didn't turn out very well. I'm only going to post pictures. Don't worry grandparents, I'll send you the video later.

Grammie and Rich made it to the ceremony.

Morgan quickly took her cap and gown off so sadly, we don't have many pictures of her in the outfit.

Here she is with her new teacher, Ms. Dawn. Ms. Dawn joined the school a few months ago and all the kids just love her.
Morgan with her boyfriend Cullen. They have big plans to get married today.

They served cake and punch afterwards (Ashley, Ivyon, Destiny, Abigal and Morgan)

The "Girls" Sophia, Morgan, Taralyn and Ellie

Morgan and Kayton. They are the only two who will be in the same Kindergarten class in August.

Kathy, Taralyn's Mom told me to imagine this picture taken 10 years from now at a concert. Thanks Kathy!


jenn said...

Very sweet. They grow so fast.

Staci said...

What great photos! Congrats to her-she looks so proud (and I'm sure you are too!)

Heather said...

I still can't believe they've graduated preschool! Congrats. Adorable pictures!