Thursday, June 4, 2009

School Updates (aka Brag Time)

I was picking Morgan up from school and noticed that most of her classmates had a sheet taped to their cubie with a note asking the parents to work on the following list of sight words. Morgan's cubie did not have one. I told her I would get one for her and she informed me that the sheets were only for those kids who didn't know the words and since she knew ALL of them, she didn't need the sheet. Now I know that Morgan will read things when she wants to, but I figured she still could use some help so I asked the teacher if I could get a sheet for Morgan. Ms. Dawn told me that Morgan did indeed know all these words very well and did not need a sheet but she would give me one if I wanted. I didn't take one, but now I know that Morgan can read better then she lets on to us!

Morgan's been going to swim lessons for a few weeks now. The school we go to moves up kids when they are ready opposed to when a session ends. The instructor puts in a move request and then someone else evaluates them and gives the nay or yeah to move. We were informed that Morgan gets to move up already! This is amazing news since last year she had to repeat the same class (granted, it was at a different school) three times before we decided to take her out of swim. She had her new class on Monday and did excellent. The kids that were already in the class were full blown swimming from one platform to the next on their own, so I was a bit concerned that Morgan wasn't ready for this yet. But she suprised me again. She wasn't able to swim as far, but she was propelling herself for a bit of a distance on her own. She listened so well and followed directions. This was a very different child then six months ago. She was so proud of herself.

Morgan's school partnered with a local Martial Arts center to give lessons twice a week for three weeks at the school, during school hours. Being a (former) kickboxer, I've been wanting to get Morgan into some sort of Martial Arts for a while now, but between gymnastics and swim we haven't had time. I immediately signed her up. She had her first lesson yesterday and was very excited to tell me all about it. Ms. Rachel showed me some pictures she had taken of the kids and gave me an update. The sensay was teaching them three poses and wanted them to yell Discipline, Focus, Attention at each pose. Apparently the kids were being shy about yelling and he was telling them that he couldn't take them seriously if they were that quiet. Well... he was referring to all the kids but two. Two were happy to yell very, very loudly. Can you guess who one of those two was? Yep. One was Morgan and the other was Sydney. Who knew the two smallest girls would be louder yellers then even the boys!

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Lilith Silvermane said...

How cool!!

They sound like very strong little girls!

Can't wait to hear more bragging over the summer :)