Monday, June 29, 2009

Morgan B and the Candy Factory

Morgan's birthday is not until July, but with the 4th on one side of it and our trip to Oregon on the other, we decided to have her party this past weekend. When planning the party, we gave her several option. Being the candyholic, she jumped at the Hammond's Candy Factory.

The party included a tour of their factory where they still make their candy by hand. Before the tour, they showed a short video. There were many ooohs and ahhhs as the different candies flashed across the screen as well as great excitement when they saw that Santa fills up his sled with Hammond candy canes in December (Note to self: buy these for stocking stuffers this year).

The kids were glued to the windows during the tour, as a lady narrated what they were looking at.

I thought it was a little disappointing that they only had three workers and two assembly lines going since all of the lines go during the week, but the kids didn't seem to mind. They couldn't take their eyes off the three workers that were there. The tour was short, consisting of two rooms, the kitchen and the packing room. Even Morgan commented on the length of the tour, but she still enjoyed it.

After the tour, the kids got to pick a piece of candy from a large vat and we moved on to the party room where we had pizza, cake and ice cream. Morgan had picked out a Little Mermaid stage cake. A stage cake is where you pay for a whole cake, but only get 3/4 of one.

Then they played two games of Candy Bingo, where the winners got (suprise!) more candy to take home.

The favors consisted of a coloring book, a rope lollipop and a barber pole. They thought it was neat that they saw the scissor that cut the end of their barber pole candy. The parents will be sending us their kid's dentist bills shortly.

Finally it was present time, or what I like to call The Kiddie Mosh-Pit. I don't care how far away all those kids start, by the time you are half way through opening presents, they have all managed to magically squeeze in an area that normally would fit three.

As the birthday girl, Morgan got to pick out a giant one pound lollipop and stuffed animal. She picked the pink bubblegum lollipop and a black bear wearing a Hammond t-shirt. Apparently one pound is extreme even for a candyholic because she asked the lady if she could trade her lollipop in for one of the smaller ones. The lady told her she could have both. Morgan was thrilled, us... not so much.

The party was labeled a success and Morgan left with a smile and great memories.


jamielblev said...

WOW!!! That is so cool!!!

Banaitis 5 said...

Ok so how come my child (Keaghan) happens to be in a shot where she is taking care of her wedgie?

Shey said...

How cool! And I love your Kiddie Mosh-Pit analogy! Happy Birthday, Morgan!