Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Great Website for Your Young Readers

I recently joined BzzAgent where I get to try out products and websites and pass along my "Word of Mouth" honest feedback on them. I am not paid, this is a volunteer thing. Some of you have already received individual e-mails from me about websites that I thought you would find interesting.

Well, I have to post a link to a website that I really love and I think will benefit many of you out there. It is called Lookybook and if you have a child that likes to read, you need to bookmark this site.

Lookybook allows you to to look at picture books in their entirety—from cover to cover - for free and no registration is required. No longer will you order a picture book online hoping the inside is as good as the cover. Just take a look at a book and if you like it, click to ‘buy book’ and they will send you to a store such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble. They currently have over 300 titles to choose from and that number is growing daily.

They value the book reviews of librarians and industry experts and they especially value the opinions of moms and dads. Because they are a site for looking at and discovering new books, they want to know what you think and like. Not only can you share your comments about a particular book, you can share all your favorite books by creating and posting your Bookshelf. Fellow Lookybookers can look at your favorites and show you theirs—creating a virtual show-and-tell about today’s best picture books.

Whenever you look at a book, they will provide a collection of other books that you might enjoy at the left of the page. Have a look, you are bound to discover something you never knew existed.

Visit Lookybook

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Kimberly @ AllAboutKimberly said...

This looks like a great site. thanks for sharing.

Can't wait for the MomDot Christmas exchange. This is going to be fun.